Renaissance Executive Forum for Women

It's lonely at the top.  Often women business owners and executives don't have anyone to discuss business-related issues and concerns with and yet having this kind of support and professional development can be invaluable!  That's why we've partnered with Renaissance Executive Forum to provide members of our Renaissance Executive Forum for Women at Saint Mary's with this kind of support.  This leader led forum is targeted at SMC alumnae and community women whose companies gross $500,000 or more a year.

Forum members consist of 8-12 women from NON-COMPETING businesses.  All participants must sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure statement.  Led by a Forum Leader, this environment is designed to address the unique opportunities and challenges faced by top women executives.  The Forum program has three distinct components.

  1. Ten Monthly Half-Day Meetings:
    Educational Component:  Expert resource speakers or the Forum Leader will deliver an Educational Component in most monthly forum meetings.  These worksops are focused on local, national and global trends and provided overviews of management tools and stregic concepts.  Highly interactive, they move beyond theory to practical application.  For example, at a recent forum, participants explored the complexity of succession planning.
    Interactive Peer Advisory Roundtable:  Each month, group members have the opportunity to get feedback and fresh ideas on their most pressing issues.  This input comes as a result of a facilitated rountable peer advisory discussion and review.
  2. Quarterly One-On-One Executive Coaching Sessions:  Once a quarter, members meet one-on-one with the Forum Leader.  This meeting focuses on member goals and objectives.  It provides time to reflect on what is working and what issues need to be addressed.
  3. An Annual "Strategies for Success" Retreat:  Once a year, the foum group participates in a planning retreat intended for both personal and professional growth.

NOTE:  The College is considering adding a Renaissance Executive Forum exclusively for Saint Mary's alumnae.  Because alumnae are often from outside the South Bend area, the format for the Alumnae Renaissaince Executive Forum would be different.  If you are interested in participating in an alumnae-focused forum, please contact Martha Smith (

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